Cameron Tonkinwise Cameron Tonkinwise is the Director of Design Studies at the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. He also directs the School of Design's Doctoral research program. Cameron has a background in philosophy and continues to research what designers and practice-based design researchers can learn from philosophies of making, material culture studies and sociologies of technology. His primary area of research is sustainable design. In particular, he focuses on the design of systems that lower societal materials intensity, primarily by decoupling use and ownership - in other words, systems of shared use.
  • Prototyping Risks when Design is Disappearing The following takes inspiration from Liz Sanders and Pieter Jan Stappers’ recent metahistorical editorial article which periodizes design as: 1980s – expert discipline-specific design of products on the basis of market research 2010s – interdisciplinary designing of interactive experiences on the basis of participatory research through practice 2040s – generalized co-design of sustainable systems [21] […] No responses April 12, 2015