Celeste Martin Celeste Martin is an Associate Professor at Emily Carr. She has a background in communication design and specializes in typography and publication design. She has a BFA and MFA from the University of Iowa. Her creative work examines the forms of written language, the shapes of letters and structures of text and their relationship to space. She is the editor of Current, the university’s design research journal, and a member of Emily Carr’s Research Ethics Board. Her current design research focuses on the development of enhanced interactive ebooks and the categorization of emerging formal structures in book design for touch-based mobile devices.
  • Exploring the Verso Engine: A Development Platform for Mobile Content Interactive ebook applications continue to rapidly grow not only in sales but also into a sophisticated design discourse that has begun to establish best-practices of user experience design. These practices, however, are always in flux. As early as 2002, researchers defined “Electronic Textbook Design Guidelines” and suitable gestural affordances for an ebook learning environment [7]. […] No responses April 12, 2015
  • EAT ST. Case Study The introduction of tablets and e-readers marked not only the displacement of some cooking texts from printed books to screens but also opened up new possibilities for their use. Bringing tablets into the kitchen to follow recipes directly from their screen became the norm as they afford a large screen that allows people to read […] No responses March 30, 2013