Elizabeth Sanders Liz Sanders joined the Design Department at The Ohio State University in 2011 after working in industry as a design research consultant since 1981. She introduced many of the methods and tools being used today to drive and inspire design from a human-l. centered perspective and has practiced co-designing across all the design disciplines. Liz is also the founder of MakeTools, LLC where she works at the front end of the changes taking place today in design. Her academic research focuses on generative design research, collective creativity, and transdisciplinarity. She shares her experiences in human-centered design with clients, colleagues, and students around the world. Liz’s goal is to bring participatory, human-centered design practices to the challenges we face for the future.
  • Generative Design Research For Social Innovation Introduction This paper describes what you will need to consider when you are planning to do generative design research for social innovation. I will start by discussing generative design research for commercial innovation in comparison to social innovation and then describe what is unique about design for social innovation. Commercial Innovation vs. Social Innovation Designers […] No responses April 19, 2018
  • The Fabric of Design Wisdom What is wisdom? What is design wisdom? This paper will explore the first question using established and emerging definitions. For the second question, I will propose that design wisdom is a fabric that emerges from the intersection of scientific and designerly ways of knowing and doing. Design wisdom can be used both for making sense […] No responses April 12, 2015
  • New Spaces, Places & Materials for Co-designing Sustainable Futures   Everything is Social Now Design has been growing in scope to embrace the larger social contexts of products and services. In the past, design was focused mainly on material concerns with the embodiment of design ideas in the form of products, environments or communication systems. But now the conversation is about design for experience, […] No responses March 20, 2013