Ezio Manzini He works in the field of design for social innovation and, on this topic, he started DESIS Network. Presently, he is Distinguished Professor on Design for Social Innovation a Elisava-Design School and Engineering, Barcelona; Honorary Professor at the Politecnico di Milano; and Guest Professor at Tongji University (Shanghai) and Jiangnan University (Wuxi). His most recent book is “Design, When Everybody Designs. An Introduction to Design for Social Innovation”, MIT Press 2015.
  • Regenerating democracy. The scenario of a project-centred democracy. “We are in difficult and dangerous times. For many years, we lived in a world that, despite its problems, was nevertheless committed to principles of democracy in which human rights, fundamental freedoms, and opportunities for personal development, were increasing. Today, this picture has changed profoundly. There are attacks on democracy in several countries – including […] No responses April 14, 2018
  • Resilient Systems and Sustainable Qualities Small, local, open and connected: an emerging scenario For a long time, we have known that, whatever our future society will be, it will be a “risk society” [2]—a society likely to be affected by different kinds of traumatic events (from natural catastrophes, to war and terrorism, to financial and economic crisis). We have known […] No responses May 18, 2013