Guillermina Noël Guille Noël holds a PhD in Design Sciences from the University IUAV of Venice, Italy, and a Master of Design from the University of Alberta, Canada. She has worked on the design of materials for people with severe speech and reading impairments, interacting with neurologists, educational psychologists, and speech therapists, emphasizing the importance of user-centered design and design for users with special needs. Since 2003 her practice focuses on health related design issues. She is now an Adjunct Researcher at the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Design as Collective Intelligence Design as an Agent for Change: The Need for Collective Intelligence. We see design as a profession whose aim is the improvement of the welfare of people. To achieve this, the very nature of the problems faced force us to work collaboratively. If one is going to do something important, it’s quite likely one is […] No responses May 1, 2014