Kate Fletcher Kate Fletcher’s work is both rooted in nature’s principles and engaged with the cultural and creative forces of fashion and design. Over the last two decades, her original thinking and progressive outlook has infused the field of fashion, textiles and sustainability with design thinking, and come to define it. Kate has over 50 scholarly and popular publications in the field. Among other books, she is author of Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys (2014, 2008), which is in active use in commercial design studios and is the principal text in academic seminar rooms around the world and of a pioneering new text Craft of Use: Post-Growth Fashion (2016). Kate is Professor of Sustainability, Design, Fashion at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, University of the Arts London where she has a broad remit spanning enterprise, education and research. Her strategic leadership permeates the Centre’s activities, including its role as co-secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion at the House of Lords.
  • An Interview
    with Kate Fletcher
    [Nature’s] power is in us understanding that [it] has a value that goes beyond its usefulness to us. The literacy this gives us—the knowledge this gives designers—is deeply held and has the potential to shape all our ideas and actions. …designers will reach into the lives of users in a continuous and dynamic way and […] No responses April 18, 2016