Current Issue 05 is structured around the theme of Iteration, Invocation, Intimation, and features articles by Jorge Frascara and Guillermina Noël on the role of collective intelligence in design for healthcare, and Ann Thorpe on design as activism. Also in the health design section, “Stay Safe” and “Violence and Aggression in Healthcare” reflect on a collaboration between Emily Carr students and Vancouver Coastal Health. Leading the sustainability section, Vicky Chu’s  paper “A New Recycling System” describes a proposal for a new recycling system for Metro Vancouver. Chris Hethrington looks at meta-design principles applied to pedagogy in “Meta-designing Design Education.” SIM Centre director Kate Armstrong and Haig Armen reflect on design research in the model of technology accelerator in “Emily@GROW.” Adam Cristobal consider the challenges involved in the adaptation of long form literary classics into enhanced interactive ebooks in “Evolving the Book.” Katherine Gillieson presents a case study in print-on-demand and electronic publishing in “Book Design for Open Humanities.”

A series of short papers by graduating BDes students at Emily Carr include: “The Hometown Project” by Janine Merkl and Jean Chisholm proposes a platform as a catalyst for business innovation and social empowerment in small cities in Canada. In “The New Clothes,” Mia Daniels re-imagines used clothing garments through material transformation and embedding of personal meaning in this re-making experience. Romney Shipway reflects on a “Packing System for Transportation,” a mobile container for transportation and delivery of goods able to efficiently navigate Vancouver’s Skytrain stations. In “Gender and Clothing,” William Alexander describes a line of garments that allow for a fluid experience and performance of gender. Ellen Lawrence describes the process of designing an air quality monitoring system for the Aamjiwnaang and Sarnia communities in Ontario in “The Air We Breathe.”