Disruption and provocation are tactics we use to make waves, troubling the status quo in a quest to make right.

– Lisa Grocott

Current 07 takes on the theme of “Critical Making: Theories, Models & Frameworks.” This year’s issue features articles written around the subjects of critical making, critical use and design, social innovation for sustainability and behaviour change in design.

Our invited authors include Lisa Groccott, from Parsons The New School, contributing “Make Known, Make Possible, Make Shift: the role of designing in behavior change”; Kate Fletcher, founder of the Slow Fashion movement, in a interview by Louise St. Pierre; and Garnet Hertz, Canada Research Chair, contributing “What is Critical Making?”

Emily Carr University faculty also submitted articles to this issue. They include: Keith Doyle, discussing the new research area Material Matters; Hélène Day Fraser, presenting a paper on the notion of Critical Use; and Louise St. Pierre, introducing DESIS Lab work at the university. A number of student papers on undergraduate and graduate research projects are also included in this issue.

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