What if the planet is the home of project-grounded exploration, the sun represents the unifying pop-up thematic and the moons present spaces for collaboration?

– Lisa Grocott

Current 08 takes on the theme of “Generative Research & Social Innovation.” This year’s issue features articles written around the subjects of the defense and regeneration of democracy, information design, research and ethics as well as trans-disciplinary research.

Our invited authors include Professor of Interdisciplinary Design at the University of Technology Sydney, Cameron Tonkinwise; founder of MakeTools, Liz Sanders; DESIS Network’s, Ezio Manzini; Jorge Frascara, Professor Emeritus and former Chairman of Art and Design at the University of Alberta; and Professor of Design at Monash University, Lisa Grocott.

Emily Carr University faculty also submitted articles to this issue. They include: Kate Armstrong, Caitlin Chaisson, Laura Kozak and Justin Langlois introducing a community-engaged social practice with artistic studio production; as well as Caylee Raber and Stacie Schatz, presenting a paper on the Health Design Lab collaborating with The Pacific Autism Family Network to understand design’s role within the autism community. A number of student papers on undergraduate and graduate research projects are also included in this issue.