Glen Lowry Glen Lowry has a PhD in Literary Studies and has published widely on contemporary Canadian Literature and Culture — literature, photography, film, and television. His recent work investigates new forms of cultural expression and social contexts, particularly around questions of globalization and urbanization. Lowry’s work focuses on new media platforms that link scholars, artists, and audiences across cultural and geographical distances: e.g, Maraya project, connecting urban waterfronts in Vancouver and Dubai. From 2002–11, Lowry edited the cultural journal West Coast Line. Pacific Avenue (2009), his collection of poems, looks at image-based memory and geography. Lowry regularly shares ideas, images, lectures, and commentary on his blog:
  • Importing a Research Ethics Model into Creative Research Developing a university research agenda requires significant changes to the structure and specialization of an Art and Design institution; it also involves a radical transformation to the “art school” culture and overall mandate. When Emily Carr set out to establish a Research Ethics Board (REB) in 2006, it was responding to a condition of eligibility […] No responses June 12, 2012