Keith Doyle Keith Doyle is an Assistant Professor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. He is a lead/co-lead Investigator on a few Emily Carr research initiatives including, the SSHRC Insight cloTHING(s) as conversation project and is a founding faculty member and the current Co-Director of Material Matters, a pragmatic material research centre within the Intersections Digital Studios at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Material Matters’ mandate is to explore sustainable yet innovative material practice through industry outreach and partnerships, social forums and workshops for knowledge transfer. Keith holds both a BFA and an MFA in Sculpture. He maintains an active material practice exhibiting locally and abroad.
  • Material Matters:
    How Do, We Do
    Myths-Busting Additive Manufacturing, or 3D printing as we have come to know it, represents both an emergent personal production platform and a scale-able manufacturing process. Fundamentally it is really nothing new. Researchers and private enterprise first filed patents on stereolithography in the early 1980s. And it has been present in Industry for some time since, […] No responses April 18, 2016