“Design wisdom is a fabric that emerges from the intersection of scientific and designerly ways of knowing and doing.”

–Elizabeth B.N. Sanders

Issue 06 is structured around the theme of Prospects, Practices and Provocations and is designed to encourage the authors and readers to think about the design practice in terms of process, design wisdom and reflection.

Current 06 features contributions by Liz Sanders, “The Fabric of Design Wisdom,” elaborating on established and emerging definitions of design wisdom, Cameron Tonkinwise, “Prototyping Risks when Desing is Dissapearing,” an essay on the roles of generative design and prototypes when “making futures,” Bonne Zabolotney, “Anonymity and Authenticity: Every Day Canadian Design” reflecting on the problematic and inconsistent account of Canadian design.

The Health + Well-Being section opens with Jorge Frascara’s reflection on why “evidence-based design” is accountable design, and Jonathan Aitken, Deb Shackleton, Guillermina Noël’s article on ethics in design healthcare. In “Decoding the Restaurant,” April Piluso presents an application to access the nutritional values of prepared foods and “Uplyft,” by Victoria Lee, proposes a platform to connect people with primary lymphedema.

The Interactivity section includes articles by Amber Frid-Jimenez on the “Studio for Extensive Aesthetics,” an artistic research lab at Emily Carr, and Celeste Martin and Adam Cristobal, “Exploring the Verso Engine,” on the possibilities of 2D physics development platform for mobile interactive content. In “The Story of Mineblock,” Haig Armen describes his exploration of designing a meta product, and “Radia,” by Zoe Hardisty, visualizes code structures in an immersive visualization tool built to represent complex data of call graphs.

Also included in this issue are papers by Scott Yu-Jan, “JOBO: System Drive Products through Upcycling” focusing on co-creative practices for sustainable products, and Kristina Mok, “LifeBooster,” which reimagines wearable technology for heavy industry workers.